"...begone! And take the mole traps with you!"

Like the last seat on an invulnerable aircraft is to a man escaping an island of lunatics, so too is the links page to those reading this site.

Anyhoo, in no order what so ever:

Emily Waferbaby - Emily R. Weisman's main Emily themed site (about Emilys, ironically). I have to included this link because she is cool. And my friend. If I am allowed to say that. Ahem.

Emmalem.pitas.com - Emily's web diary gizmo.

The Onion - an excellent display of American's understanding irony and satire. Very funny. Yup.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) - the ultimate site to a film loser like me. Here I can indulge in my quest for pointless film trivia and quotes.

PlanetAvP - an Aliens Vs. Predator site, which is cool. The fact I also write stuff and do pictures and stuff has nothing to do with it. At all.

And once I can remember some more interesting links, more avenues of escape shall be added for you.



Places to go: No point, you're on the links page, dummy.